Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What is your Sweet Sleep?

The Children of Ankh


One thousand years ago it became illegal under third tier (immortal law) to breed with humans.
Some immortal offspring still somehow manage to sneak through the cracks.
They are allowed to live untouched until their sixteenth year.
This is done so they have a chance to fight back when their Correction begins.
You are a normal teenager living a reasonably average life when everything you love is destroyed overnight.
 It is not just your mortality that is taken but your entire genetic line must also be destroyed just in case the gifts were a naturally occurring accident of evolution.

If you manage to survive your Correction it means that you have fought so bravely for survival that Azariah (A Guardian) sends you back and deems you worthy of serving in one of three clans of half blooded immortals that serve the third tiers here on earth.

Your Sweet Sleep is the events of your death and the beautiful moments after your death. The moments you spend in the in between before you pass through to the hall of souls or Azariah sends you back.

 You must become chose a Clan now.
 Your choices are Ankh, Trinity or Triad.

You will not survive on your own for you are not fully immortal until your eighteenth birthday.
There are other things coming for you. They are creatures of twisted darkness and evil that your still mortal heart can never even begin to understand.

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